Interactive Poster Presentation

Interactive poster sessions will be scheduled in 90 minute time slots in the conference programme. Each of these sessions will have 7-10 posters. Each poster will include a graphic presentation of the research study on a visual display. The posters should be printed on paper and made to the size A0 (0,841 m x 1,189 m) in “portrait” format. The posters will be mounted on the meeting room walls and adhesive will be provided in the rooms.

The session is organized into two parts:

The session will start with brief presentations of the research topic with slides. Before going to each poster display, each presenter has maximum of 3 minutes to present their study to the audience using a PowerPoint slide presentation (up to 3 slides), if required.

The format of these poster presentation sessions is intended to be interactive with each author giving a brief introduction to their poster, followed by small group discussions, moderated by a Chairperson.

The poster sessions offer researchers a chance to present their work in a visual format and offer more opportunities for interaction and discussion. Poster presentations are eligible for inclusion in the conference proceedings and the book of selected papers.